If I was hired for the job of State Senator for District 23.......

Richard Clement for State Senate

Monday, March 06, 2006

Vote for Dick !

Write me in,
just because,
I am a better Dick than Dick DeVos.

Im Greener than Vince,
and better than Gretchen,
because when you elect me,
I won't be steppin and fetchin.

Pay our bills with hemp,
and finance our schools,
and a balanced budget,
will be the rule.

I will Give the people what we need,
a balanced budget with a tax on weed.
So write-in a vote for Dick Clement,
and I will make sure to watch where your money is spent.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Senate Election 2006 - Write In Candidate.

Write in instructions for Voting can be found on the Lansing City Clerk's website.


Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Affirmative Action and Marijuana Reform in Lansing Michigan

If the Citizens of Lansing allow Ward Connerly to come in and punk up our state with an anti-affirmative action measure and, can't get a Compassionate Care initiative on the Lansing Ballot, they should pack up and move to New Orleans!

Especially the African American residents...

Minorities are %75 of all drug arrests in Lansing and the majority of those arrested is for Marijuana possession.

Proposal M will make possession Municipal Civil infraction $75.00 fine without a recommendation from a Licensed Medical Professional. If there is a valid recommendation, no penalty will be assessed.

The medical benefits have been documented for cancer treatments and other symptoms. Put an end to the pressure from the pharmacy, beer and wine lobbyists by signing a petition. Or call your City Council and Mayor and ask them to amend the City Ordinance by a vote of it's members.

For a full reading of the proposed amendment to the City Ordinances, go to the Clement for Senate website, download a copy, sign it, then turn it into the Lansing City Clerk's office.

For a full text of the petition click here.

The Book of GENESIS & The Office of Faith Based initiatives - City of Lansing

GENESIS 1; 11,12: And God said,"Let the earth burst forth with every sort of grass and seed-bearing plant." And so it was,and God was pleased.
GENESIS 1; 29,31: "And look! I have given you the seed-bearing plants throughout the earth for your food." Then God looked over all that he had made,and it was excellent in every way. Taken from "THE LIVING BIBLE"

Being a rastafarian is a faith based inititative and I hope that the Mayor of Lansing adds one to the City Faith Based Office. A little religous diversity in the house....

Say yes to Proposal M for the City of Lansing Michigan! - Download a petition and send to City Clerk Chris Swope - the man with the clock in his hand. Do it before May 1st 2006.

Write me in on March 14th, 2006.

Renaming a Building on LCC Campus for Paula Cunningham

On the growth of Lansing Community College when she was there:
1. People had jobs

"She started this College spot,
and this is the mighty fine thanks she got. "
- "Calvin Brodaus aka. Snoop Dogg" - translated text

Vote yes to the Paula Cunningham Administration Building on LCC campus.

Thats ok on the State Job. She will have a new job by next year.

NO unemployment for sistagirl.